Useful Links

Camarilla Links

Excel Sheets – Editable Excel/OpenOffice sheets.

Global Addendum – The Global addenda for all venues.

Cam Wiki The International Cam Wiki.

Camarilla Storytellers Toolkit The old International Storytellers Toolkit

Mailing lists Mailing lists for the Global Camarilla

Larping links

Useful Larping Advice of all types

Observations on Running a Larp

Useful Generic Links

Sunrise/Sunset – A page with the time of Sunrise and Sunset

Irish LARP related sites worth checking out
Midway – A post apocalyptic LARP using airsoft run by Nick Huggins.
Nuge’s Tshirt designs – Barry Nugent’s Spreadshirt page. Includes designs originating from a couple of Irish Larps.

Feel free to suggest more links in the forum

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