Come play Cam games at Hobocon (June 2nd and 3rd)

So, Cam Ireland has secured a block of 20 tickets to Hobocon at a knockdown price (come talk to us about our tickets – the price should be negligible to free depending on take up) as well as a room for the weekend to run games.  On that note, the following is the timetable (and event links) for our planned games.

“Every child has heard of the fall of our ancestors’ island city, but only the Awakened truly comprehend its meaning. The International Insomniacs Association, proprietors of the beautiful and exclusive Bahaman resort of Atlantis(tm), invites you to immerse yourself in an age we have long thought lost.. Enlightened conversation, special guests and the hidden wonders of our island’s sparkling waters will be yours to explore.”


The Lean Times
“Dublin, the winter of 1848. The moon casts jagged shadows through the windows of an estate in Rathmines as sombre retainers verify the guests’ invitations. It is cold in the reception hall, its masked denizens no longer requiring human niceties. Human victims, provided by the august Prince De Clancy to members of his court for the evening, shiver, although even they do not know if it is because of the cold, the hunger, or the fact that they are surrounded by celebrating, ravenous monsters.The dead revel and drink and laugh and love, but even the December celebrations ordered by the Prince cannot hide the fear that grips them as the bodies of their food pile up in the country and the cities.There is a dark rumour among the Kindred of Dublin: that vampires have begun to feast on their own.”


Acceptable in the 80′s
It’s club night in “Wicked” – the hottest club in Dublin. The Carthians claimed that for territory some time back and tonight they’re socializing….or “scheming like proper little vampires”. Whichever.

The night’s goal is to amass power but, tonight, nobody will be able to predict the fallout.


Crossing Brooks

“I Sir Patrick Brooks Cordially and Openly invite you to attend the viewing of a marvel of the modern world, at my estate in the Meath Countryside. I would be honoured if is could share this first experience of this new development in the august presence of yourself and my other guests. I do assure you that a pleasant night with the finest food and wine available and the promise of a solid investment opportunity. I would be much obliged if you could inform me of your desire to attend at your soonest convenience.”

The year is 1904 and the wealthiest and most influential businessmen and lords are all gathered in a moderately sized country house not far from Trim castle. All have been invited on the promise of an investment opportunity and fine dining. All is not necessarily as it seems though and a sense of foreboding pass over all who crosses the good Sir Patrick’s threshold. ”


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