June Game Schedule for Dublin

So, a member suggested this to help visitors and new players. It seems like a solid plan so from now on, I’ll be posting these here monthly (as soon as they’re confirmed by the STs) instead of on the forum alone.

Tues. June 7th: Changeling, Dark Horse Inn , 7-10pm
Tues. June 14th: Requiem, Dark Horse Inn , 7-10pm
Sat. June 18th: Old Cam Reunion Doyle’s on College Green.
Tues. June 21st: Masquerade, Dark Horse Inn , 7-10pm
Sat. June 25th: Masquerade Weekend game,Dark Horse Inn , 12pm-4pm
Sun. June 26th: Werewolf O’Reilly’s Bar under Tara Street, 5-8pm
Tues. June 28th: Geist, Dark Horse Inn , 7-10pm

Any questions, drop me a line at:

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