Dublin Requiem: Themes and Mood

Disclaimer: The following is a description of the setting for a game. Players should remember that while their character might be a monster, they are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct.


Dublin vampire is about Ambition and shedding the mortal you once were, or better yet losing yourself to the vice of your mortal self. With an eternity on their hands and a beast in their heart vampires can sink to depths humans can only have nightmares about. Ultimately the game is about the vampire clinging to humanity but always losing ground to the beast, trapped in a cycle where they must prey on humans and endure the company of horrific monsters that try to pretend they are humans. Sooner or later their humanity will fall. Vampire should see players scheming with people one game and against them the next or laying plans within plans.

Vampire is a game of deceit, intrigue and mystery, when you go into a roomful of vampires you are taking your un-life in your hands. Those you scheme with one week will scheme against you the next, paranoia rules because revenge can come years later, even centuries can pass before retribution is seized. There is no trust outside of the blood and even that is risky, your child is as close to an ally as you can get – and even then they are your property not a loved one. There is nothing truly redeeming or reliable in the venue and so the mistrust and darkness permeates every facet of the lifestyle making fear and paranoia a core attribute alongside the innate masquerade of the vampires not only toward humans but also to themselves where they perform the act of humanity though their society parties and leadership structures when at their core they hate each other and that which they pretend to be.


Dublin is a capital city and as such it has both the glamorous metropolitan appeal that is formed to fit in with this European ideal of appearance.  There are high society parties, political machinations and glamorous aesthetics in equal proportion to the despair of the recession in a financial centre, the criminal underbelly in multiple forms and the social divide that can be so useful for vampire games.  It grants the vampires opportunity for any ambition and amazing openings to the exploitation of the ages, in addition it’s a city with history that the vampires can ingrain themselves into and affect both directly and indirectly.

The Brood War shook the original order of things and destroyed many power bases, cutting through numerous vampires and leaderships structures, after the war the vampires were forced to rebuild during the tyrannical reign of the brutal Marhew in the rest of Ireland. They retained a vague semblance of order under Mulcahy only to once more be placed in an unstable and precarious position by a mixed covenant Triumvirate which has begun to fall apart again. The city remains in need of a leader and so any covenant can seize power feeding the idea of ambition and greed that is within the gluttonous nature of both Man and Beast.

Rating – Description
· 1 – Low; present (predominantly player introduced) at a game once every four quarters.
· 2 – Moderate; present at a game once every three quarters.
· 3 – Average; often present at each game.
· 4 – Influencing; consistently present at each game.
· 5 – Constant; always present at each game.

Style of Play – Description – Rating
· Action – Combat and challenges – 3
· Character Development – Personal dilemmas and choices – 4
· Darkness – PC Death or Corruption – 4
· Drama – Ceremony and Grand Story – 3
· Intrigue – Politics and Negotiation – 4
· Manners – Etiquette and Peer Pressure – 4
· Mystery – Enigmas and Investigation – 5

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