Dublin Masquerade: Themes and Mood

Disclaimer: The following is a description of the setting for a game. Players should remember that while their character might be a monster, they are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct.

The core themes of Masquerade are those of politics and monstrosity.  Masquerade is all about monsters playing at maintaining a polite civilized society. Unfortunately, by their very nature, they lie, cheat, manipulate and scheme against each other in an attempt to rise to the top.

They play a game of petty politics among themselves believing it is important to maintain their society and keep humanity from noticing their existence when the reality of the matter is that these convoluted political games were created by the Elders to keep kindred society in line and prevent younger Kindred rising up against them again.

The moods of masquerade are one of conspiracy, selfishness and backstabbing

The conspiracy come from the manipulations of the Elders, each one has an agenda and maintains multiple avenues in which to pursue their plans. Usually these involve manipulation and counter manipulation of situations, mortal companies and even the younger of their kind.

Selfishness, by their nature, Vampires are inherently selfish creatures. It is difficult for one to be content – they always want what others have and they have no problem destroying what is in their way, unless of course what is in their way is something they desire in itself. To echo Gordon Gecko, ‘Greed is right, greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit’.

Back-stabbing, this naturally ties into the inherent selfishness among kindred. It is inevitable then that as a result,any ally is eventually going to have something  you want and as such turning on him/her will be an option in order to obtain it. For this reason, Kindred accrue enemies over their existence and mighty few alliances survive long term.
Masquerade Dublin is a city whose Camarilla is still in recovery from vicious , fast and ruthless attacks by their competitors the Sabbat. With the previous court of 50 years revealed to have been presided over by a Sabbat elder and in the wake of Global attacks upon the lairs of Elders, suspicion and paranoia is at an all time high and even Kindred fear walking down dark alleys.

Hope springs anew however, the court has quickly re-established itself under new leadership and delivered heavy and deceive blows to the Sabbat. Relative peace and stability are not distant and unachievable…or so it seems.

In terms of the Global scale Dublin is a Camarilla back water with little to no modern reason to have an influential powerbase there. However, even considering that, Dublin is a city steeped in history and myth, Kindred are slow to change and those who have lived long enough ignore Dublin at their peril.

Rate each of these categories, using the scale below:
Rating – Description
· 1 – Low; present (predominantly player introduced) at a game once every four quarters.
· 2 – Moderate; present at a game once every three quarters.
· 3 – Average; often present at each game.
· 4 – Influencing; consistently present at each game.
· 5 – Constant; always present at each game.

Style of Play – Description – Rating
· Action – Combat and challenges – 2
· Character Development – Personal dilemmas and choices – 3
· Darkness – PC Death or Corruption – 3
· Drama – Ceremony and Grand Story – 3
· Intrigue – Politics and Negotiation – 5
· Manners – Etiquette and Peer Pressure – 4
· Mystery – Enigmas and Investigation – 4

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