Irelands New Direction

Its official Folks , our society is now working towards a better club with Australia , Italy and Games without borders!

Poll on the future affiliation of Camarilla Ireland / Immersive Roleplay Ireland

Please cast your vote to decide which direction our club will go. This poll will close on the 26th of December*.

*Subject to change

Come play Cam games at Hobocon (June 2nd and 3rd)

So, Cam Ireland has secured a block of 20 tickets to Hobocon at a knockdown price (come talk to us about our tickets – the price should be negligible to free depending on take up) as well as a room for the weekend to run games.  On that note, the following is the timetable (and event links) for our planned games.

“Every child has heard of the fall of our ancestors’ island city, but only the Awakened truly comprehend its meaning. The International Insomniacs Association, proprietors of the beautiful and exclusive Bahaman resort of Atlantis(tm), invites you to immerse yourself in an age we have long thought lost.. Enlightened conversation, special guests and the hidden wonders of our island’s sparkling waters will be yours to explore.”

The Lean Times
“Dublin, the winter of 1848. The moon casts jagged shadows through the windows of an estate in Rathmines as sombre retainers verify the guests’ invitations. It is cold in the reception hall, its masked denizens no longer requiring human niceties. Human victims, provided by the august Prince De Clancy to members of his court for the evening, shiver, although even they do not know if it is because of the cold, the hunger, or the fact that they are surrounded by celebrating, ravenous monsters.The dead revel and drink and laugh and love, but even the December celebrations ordered by the Prince cannot hide the fear that grips them as the bodies of their food pile up in the country and the cities.There is a dark rumour among the Kindred of Dublin: that vampires have begun to feast on their own.”

Acceptable in the 80′s
It’s club night in “Wicked” – the hottest club in Dublin. The Carthians claimed that for territory some time back and tonight they’re socializing….or “scheming like proper little vampires”. Whichever.

The night’s goal is to amass power but, tonight, nobody will be able to predict the fallout.

Crossing Brooks

“I Sir Patrick Brooks Cordially and Openly invite you to attend the viewing of a marvel of the modern world, at my estate in the Meath Countryside. I would be honoured if is could share this first experience of this new development in the august presence of yourself and my other guests. I do assure you that a pleasant night with the finest food and wine available and the promise of a solid investment opportunity. I would be much obliged if you could inform me of your desire to attend at your soonest convenience.”

The year is 1904 and the wealthiest and most influential businessmen and lords are all gathered in a moderately sized country house not far from Trim castle. All have been invited on the promise of an investment opportunity and fine dining. All is not necessarily as it seems though and a sense of foreboding pass over all who crosses the good Sir Patrick’s threshold. ”

Starting a new Domain

We’re always willing to assist members in forming new domains (our basic unit of organisation for running games) if there is no existing domain nearby. You can contact the National Coordinator (or one of his assistants) who will help guide you through the formation of a Domain. Current contact details for the National Coordinators office can be found on our ‘contact us’ page.

If you live in a county with an existing domain, we would prefer that you work with the coordinator for that domain to set up a new game or join one of their existing games as Larps benefit from increased size.

To form an independent domain, the basic steps are:

  • Recruit new people to join until you have at least five members to join your domain.
  • Agree upon one member to act as the new domain coordinator and a domain storyteller.
  • Contact the National Coordinator informing him of your intent.

Before conducting games, the newly approved chapter will need to work with the National Storyteller’s office to create venue style sheets for their games (this serves to ensure the new games sync up with the existing chronicle). We recommend that new domains start with a single venue until they run a few games and get a feel for the global chronicle.
Organizing a chapter’s first few games is often the most difficult part of starting a new Camarilla group, so please ask the National storyteller for support and information about the chronicle’s history and current storylines. New venue storytellers might also like to read the old Storyteller Guide located on the international wiki. This document discusses storytelling practices, policies, and theories specific to the global sanctioned chronicle though some of the information it contains is specific to the US affiliate.

Both the domain coordinator and domain storyteller should obtain templates for their reports and a list of current national policies from the National officers. They are then responsible for report on events within their domain and disseminate information from elsewhere to the domain members so that their domain can be an integrated part of the global organization.
Once your domain has been approved and your storyteller has received approval for the venue style sheet, your characters are ready to enter into the global sanctioned chronicle. If you announce your game on our forums, you may find that players will travel to join you and welcome you as you take your first steps into our game. It’s an exciting time, and there are many members and officers ready to help you. All you have to do is ask.
We hope this club will give you as much enjoyment as it has given us.

What is LARP?

A live action roleplaying game (LARP) is somewhere between traditional pen and paper roleplaying games and improv theatre.

In these games, you create a character that fits the game you want to join. The creation of the character should be done with the advice of your storyteller. The background of your character is largely dependent on what you want to play and what your storyteller allows, but his/her capabilities are defined by a game system called a Storyteller System (TM), authored by White Wolf. In this system, you choose a set of abilities your character will have and record them on a character sheet, telling you how good your character is at certain things. Rulebooks sold by White Wolf define those abilities, and any reproduction of them here would be a copyright infringement.

Once your character is defined, you dress up like him or her, much like you would if you were acting in a theatre play. From then on, when you enter the game proper, you act in line with your character’s motivations and capabilities to the best of your ability, but you have no written lines: you must decide by yourself, on the spur of the moment, how your character would react in the situations that will occur in game, improvising while using your predefined character as a guideline.

Newcomers sometimes feel a bit scared at first, but it passes a lot more easily than stage fright does. If you are new to LARPs or roleplaying games in general, it might be a good idea to take another player as a mentor in the game, so that he/she can show you the ropes before you are set on your own.

Many of us feel that this Live Action Roleplaying is one of the most exhilarating experience games or theatre can provide. Its mix of theatrical grandeur and game aspects (where you want your character to succeed as best he/she can) is unique.

Kildare Requiem Survey

hey everyone

I’ve put together a short survey for people to take to get their thoughts on the Kildare requiem venue and help me put together a final VSS. everybody is welcome to take the survey even if you don’t have a character in the venue. Actually it’s just as important that people who don’t have a character take the survey as it will give me an indication of what i need to do to increase player numbers. Anyway please find the link to the survey below and if you will lend me a couple of minutes of your time to take it, It will be much appreciated.


Upcoming Maynooth games

August 24th: Mage
September 7th: Werewolf
September 14th: Requiem
September 21th: Changeling
September 28th: Mage

All games run from 7pm to 10pm in the Student Union Meeting Rooms, NUI Maynooth North Campus.

August 2011 Dublin Games

So, here’s the August schedule for Dublin:

Tues. August 9th: Requiem, Dark Horse Inn , 7-10pm
Tues. August 16th: Masquerade, Dark Horse Inn , 7-10pm
Tues. August 23rd: Geist, Dark Horse Inn , 7-10pm
Tues. August 30th: Changeling, Dark Horse Inn , 7-10pm

Any questions, drop me a line at:

National 2011 this weekend

So, just a quick heads up for people that this weekend (29th July to the 1st August) is our National games in Cork. It’s €15 for the weekend (that’s to cover our rental costs) and anyone who fancies coming along is more than welcome.

The full timetable can be found in the above link, but as a rough schedule:

Friday from 8pm: Social Beers in the Franciscan Well (even if you can’t make the games themselves, feel free to drop by this – the more the merrier)

Saturday 10.30AM – doors open at the Gresham Metropole (some side events might happen from this time)

Saturday 11.30AM – First game (Changeling: the lost) kicks off.

Saturday 5.30PM – Evening game (Vampire: the Requiem) kicks off

Sunday 11.30AM – First Sunday game (Werewolf: the Forsaken) kicks off

Sunday 5.30PM – Evening Sunday game (Mage: the Awakening) kicks off

Quick rundown on the game premises:


In accordance with the wishes of King Puck, Sean Draoí of the Ancient Tuath of Kerry and Magister of the Vox Draconis Hibernia, a Convovation of the Consilium of All Ireland is called for the weekend beginning Friday the 29th of July. The venue shall be the Parknasilla Resort and Hotel in Sneem, County Kerry. This gathering will follow, where possible, the statutes of the Secret Charter and will therefore be a formal event performed in the sight of the Oracles and in the name of the five Watchtowers. it is expected that all in attendance will conform with full ceremonial protocol in terms of conduct and presentation. Officers of the Convocation are to be announced closer to the date of commencement. Any delegates who wish to bring matters before the Convocation on the days of Swords, Scrolls, Sleep or Justice should contact the office of the Sean Draoí of the Ancient Tuath of Kerry with their submission. Any who wish to volunteer their services as an officer of the Convocation or to nominate another for such a responsibility should do likewise.

Yours in faith,

An Carthaigh

Herald of Puck

ST: Jack Murray –

OOC: As this is a formal event calling for ceremonial dress it’s a good opportunity to go a bit mad with costumes and props. Consult your order book and Tome of the Watchtowers for suggestions as to what that might look like depending on your path and order or alternatively, draw upon your legacy for inspiration. This is the only time you will see me encouraging you to dress like a goddam wizard for a Mage game.


Brothers and Sisters,

I am Soothsayer, Cahalith of the Bone Shadows. My deeds are the stuff of whispers more than song, so I won’t be offended if you’ve not heard of me. I am the beta of The Middlemen, our territory Athlone.

The Pure in the West have been on edge of late, and there have been many skirmishes since Spring. There are rumours from abroad that the People are soon return to greater conflict; a rekindled and spread Brethren War. Having spoken with the leader of their greatest Confederacy, I wish it to be known that there is a genuine desire to avoid such a conflict from arriving on these shores.

In order to honour and cement this desire for peace, my pack and our broader association will be hosting a gathering in Athlone at the end of this month. I would normally propose that it be held under the Half Moon, but what is auspicious for us might offend our other guests. Dependent upon progress in our negotiations, it is our intent to end the night with a pact of peace, sealed by ritual. Those who attend are under no obligation to take part in this pact, though I hope that they at least consider it.

I ask that those attending be discrete; notifying me of your approach by way of these books would be greatly preferable to howling.

- Soothsayer

ST: Michael Murray –


War is brewing in Fairy and the backlash is beginning to show. The Evil Eye awoke and ravaged part of the west. Bands of Loyalists attack each other in the streets of Dublin, briar wolf hunting parties compete to capture any and all prey and the Lady of Shadow has been seen walking the hedge. The Lady Jewel of Brightest Day has called for all around the country to come and attend a gala ball in the newly formed Freehold of Reflections in Galway both to discuss this war and to celebrate the founding of the new freehold.

ST: Simon Appleby –


The Government of the Citizens Republic of Cork invite you to Cork on the night of Saturday 30th July to help us celebrate the integration of all beliefs into a single cohesive and stable domain for all kindred who wish to live in harmony within a socially productive society.

The night will include remarks from state officials who want your participation in discussion on the legislative process as well as interludes for entertainment, games and competition of all varieties.

This event is brought to you by The Joint Committee on Tourism, The Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, The Executive Office of Housing, The Ministry of Arts, The Select Committee on Emerging Technologies and the State Legislator on behalf of First Citizen Clara O’Brien.

Those wishing to attend who are not currently Citizens of the Republic of Cork may find Visa forms on the website of the Ministry of Peace*. These should be submitted prior to a week before the event. Applications filed later than this may not be processed in time for the event.

Posted on Behalf of the Citizens Republic of Cork

  • OOC: The Visa can be found at Cork_Ministry_of_Peace – This of course does not have to be filled in as I am sure it is unlikely the government officals in Cork will be checking everyone for their correct paper work.

ST: Fiki Kelly –

July Game Schedule for Dublin

So, here’s the July schedule for Dublin

Tues. July 5th: Changeling, Dark Horse Inn , 7-10pm
Tues. July 12th: Requiem, Dark Horse Inn , 7-10pm
Tues. July 19th: Masquerade, Dark Horse Inn , 7-10pm
Tues. July 26th: Geist, Dark Horse Inn , 7-10pm

It’s also worth noting that the weekend of the 30th-1st is our annual National games in Cork this year. You should come along.

Any questions, drop me a line at:

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